Block Trump’s SWAMP

This week’s talking point: 

Block Trump’s SWAMP.

Despite repeated his campaign promises to the contrary, Trump’s administration continues to nominate individuals for key cabinet positions that are dangerously unqualified, possess either potential or clear conflicts of interest, and do not reflect a commitment to adequately and fairly representing the interests of all Americans.



I want you to vote “NO” on confirming Donald Trump’s “Swamp” nominees: billionaires who have so little experience, or such a poor track record, in the subject areas of the agencies to which they have been nominated that they pose a threat to the proper functioning of these entities.

If you feel strongly about a why a particular nominee is bad for the country, tell them why. Tell them your story. 

-Betsy DeVos – Dept. of Education
-Jeff Sessions – Attorney General
-Rex Tillerson – Secretary of State
-Ben Carson – Housing and Urban Development
-Steven Mnuchin – Secretary of Treasury