The importance of Truth.

Truth is of paramount importance right now. 

More lies cannot defeat propaganda. 

This is not an opinion on morality — This is about will work.

America is presently enshrouded in a dense cloud of lies.  More lies can only increase the fog.

Be selective | Sift for the truth | Turn on the lights.


Darkness sets in.

Auschwitz did not start out as a concentration camp. 

Originally, it was just a place to house foreign political prisoners.

Until it became more…

The worst kind of real-life nightmare is often not like a sudden loud exlosion. It doesn’t arrive with a sudden flash and boom. 

Rather you experience it as a gradual, almost imperceptible dimming

Slowly there becomes less and less light around you. You question whether it’s getting darker — but when you look around, you see everyone working, laughing, living… 

So you tell yourself things are normal, and the problem must be your eyes.

You tell yourself things will be fine. You sink back into comfort, and distract yourself with life’s little pleasures. You focus on the mundane tasks of living. 

You tell yourself that if it were really getting dark, it would be on the news. People – more important/smart/powerful than you – would never let it happen. Someone would stop it

You tell yourself there are ‘checks and balances’ to this thing. There’s a whole system in place to stop it. That it can’t get too far. You tell yourself that people – more important/smart/powerful than you – would never let it happen; they would do their jobs. They would stop it from happening. Someone would stop it.

You comfort yourself. You live life. You hope for the best.

But you do nothing.

Until, one day, it is undeniably dark out. And, unquestionably, it’s difficult to see much at all. And you know, for certain, that the problem wasn’t your eyes.

But now it’s too late.