Strength in Numbers

A recent Fox News poll showing that only 37% of Americans approve of Trump, is an important reminder:

We are the majority.

As long as everyone does their job, we will be fine.

1. Show Trump to be the liar he is.

He is a proven liar.

But don’t stop at just calling him one.

Highlight his lies – disprove his words at every opportunity.

2. Participate in your government.

You must get into the habit of calling your elected representatives. 

They must FEEL the collective weight of our presence.

Do not expect them to be guided by their own conscience. 

Consider integrity in Washington now to be obsolete.

3. Stay the course.

Apathy and demoralization are the hidden enemies.

You will get tired, you may feel defeated… If so, recharge. 

And then re-commit. 

Remember: It will be hard fought, but victory will come.