Georgia Senate aims to convince voters to constitutional change by labeling prohibition against using citizen tax dollars for religious sectarian causes as “Discrimination”

Get used to hearing the GOP label anything running contrary to their own personal interests as “discrimination.”

Consider it a new buzzword in the Trump era.  

The “Make America Great Again” strategy plainly consists of pushing through legislation to protect Christian conservatives againstdiscrimination” – while promoting executive and legislative action constituting actual and concrete discrimination against others (see, e.g., the Muslim ban that wasn’t).

Had Senator Heath and his buddies been interested in truthfully describing their proposed Constitutional amendment, it would properly read:

Proposing an amendment to the Constitution . . . so as to promote the use of public funds by — and the distribution of public aid to — Christian organizations.

Making America Great Again = Putting White, Conservative, Christians irremovably at the top – using the force of law.


Georgia proposing changing the state Constitution to allow intermingling of Church and State