The thousand injuries of Senator David Perdue…

The thousand injuries of David Perdue, Georgia had borne as best it could.
There is true beauty and power in the art of forgiveness.
There’s even more in holding on to a grudge with all you’ve got…
For the next 3 years, I want you all to work on perfecting the latter.
I ask that you never forget the deafening silence from Senator Perdue while Trump disparaged our beloved 5th District and went to war with our honorable John Lewis.
And never forget how Perdue just vanished that following day – MLK – to avoid underscoring our nation’s history and the hardships African-Americans have endured.
And never forget, too, how – in unswerving lockstep with Twitler – Senator Perdue gave a Holocaust Rememberance Day shoutout that made no mention of Jews.
Hold on to these memories (and those that will undoubtedly follow) with the fiery hot passion of a thousand burning suns.
And, on the first Tuesday (or thereabouts) in our Lord’s year 2020, I want each of you to round up every single Georgian to whom you have ever tipped your hat or uttered “hello” — and to lovingly and carefully escort these kind souls to the polls, and serve Senator Perdue his dish nice and cold.

In pace requiescat.