Georgia Senators salute Trump for vowing to “Make America Great Again”

On January 25, the Georgia Senate read and adopted Resolution 68 to honor Donald J. Trump.  

The Resolution was introduced by: 

  • Jeff Mullis (53rd)
  • Burt Jones (25th)
  • Michael Williams (27)
  • David Shafer (48th)
  • John Wilkinson (50th)
  • Butch Miller (49th)

Their resolution states that Trump “through his deep devotion to the United States of America” promoted “a newfound sense of patriotism in this nation.”

These Senators go on to memorialize their conviction that “his slogan ‘Make America Great Again’ is evidence of this devotion.”

They predict that this devotion, as evidenced by Trump’s slogan, “will be reflected in his presidential policies.”